CST Technology

CST is a very fancy name for a very simple concept. CST is simply sowing across last years stubble.

Most people sow in the same direction year after year for one simple reason, getting through stubble.

If you could run directly or within an inch of last years stubble it would be ideal for moisture seeking

in dry starts or non wetting soil.  The reality is most precision type seeders with not get though the previous 

years residue if attemping to maximise moisture and will make a mess and not to mention down time.

Sowing in between rows is actually placing the seed in the dryest part of the row.  In this case erratic 

germination will occur on dry starts to seeding.  From recent trials by the Government and local farmers

sowing across the previous years stubble appears to drag the moisture within the stubble across

with the seeds being planted, promoting strong and even germination. Growers have noted a lack of Rhizo.

Here is a picture of two side by side paddocks planted one day appart using CST. You be the judge.





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