Ground engaging tools

Flexi-Coil has developed a wide range of ground engaging tools to help you customise products to suit your requirements.


Stealth Opener

The Stealth opener is a modular system that adds versatility to your row seeding. A choice of tips or attachments can be mounted on the main body for a customised opener system. Replaceable tips let you choose the right opener for your application and help you manage wear. Knife tips are used for both single- and double-shooting and include the heavy duty tip with carbide points. Spread tips are for single-shoot only. Stealth openers are manufactured from Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) for strength and consistency.


Stealth Single-Shoot

The Stealth opener works for both narrow row and spread row seeding styles.


Knife Tips

  Low soil disturbance • Very narrow rows of 22 mm to 25 mm (7⁄8” to 1”)

• For use with any press wheel

• Heavy duty carbide tips to match soil conditions


Spread Tips

• Designed for low disturbance seeding

• Wider product spread allows more fertiliser to be placed with the seed

• Spread tips are available in 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm (3”, 4” or 5”) sizes

• For use with press wheels that match row widths

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