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Ensuring seed and fertiliser are placed at the right rates and correct depth means your crop has the best possible chance right from the start. Flexi-Coil’s precision agriculture tools help you get the most from your land by making it easier for you to seed and fertilise where you need to and how you need to. The new FlexControl IV+ onboard display (computer) allows you to monitor and control Flexi-Coil air seeders, compatible tractors and combines, guidance systems and other ISO11783-compliant implements, right from the vehicle’s cab. FlexControl IV+ makes it easier than ever to keep a close eye on inputs like fertiliser and seeds, and it allows you to make informed decisions that will help make every seed count.


FlexControl IV+display

The FlexControl IV+ is a 10.4-inch, colour display that replaces the FlexControl III. It displays essential information including ground speed, fuel usage (on compatible tractors) and seeding rates. Adjustments can be made on the go to maximise efficiency. The unit is smaller than the previous display, but the screen size is the same. The unit retains the same layout of the previous version so growers who are updating from FlexControl III will find it very easy to use. FlexControl IV+ turns the simple monitor and control tool into an onboard computer, with a Linux-based operating system. Software can be upgraded or changed so the system can continue to help you achieve great results with new software innovations. The FlexControl IV+ has several new external components and features, while retaining all of the same connection types as the FlexControl III. Because the FlexControl IV+ retains the same connection types, a FlexControl IV+ can be installed in the place of any FlexControl III. Some of the FlexControl IV+’s new features include: USB connection ports so users can store information on a USB device; video connection points to allow video input; and an Ethernet port for future web-browsing capability.

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