Precision Hoe Drill


PD 5700

With Flexi-Coil’s trademark flexibility, innovation and strength, the new PD 5700 precision hoe drill makes sowing and fertilising high-value, small-seed crops like wheat and canola more precise and efficient. Available in a choice of three working widths and folding into an industry-leading narrow transport width, the PD 5700 guarantees precise, accurate and repeatable seed placement. In uneven field conditions and against tough no-till residues, the PD 5700 maintains accuracy because it is designed to provide the ultimate in ground following abilities. The PD 5700 is ideal for growers who want to make the most of the sowing season by placing seed and fertiliser in exactly the right spot every time – and by getting it done fast. The PD 5700 is perfectly matched with Flexi-Coil’s 50 series air carts. Together, they create the perfect precision seeding system, allowing you to make sure every seed counts.


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