Morris-Industries Seeding and Tillage


Air Carts

9 Series

Achieving a new level of performance, the new 9 Series Air Cart comes with a list of next generation innovations. Advancements include Input Control Technology, new tank configurations, left side auger and a redesigned stairway for easier access.



7000 Series

7000 Series Air Carts feature accurate metering and distribution, electronic monitoring, and single- or double-shoot options.




This combination seeding system offers the precision of the Contour independent drill with the seed metering technology of the EIGHT Series XL.



Air Drill


C2 Contour Drill

The next generation C2 Contour lets you cut through trash and makes opener adjustments easier. The independent opener features parallel linkage for ultra-precise seed and fertilizer placement. Adjustable packing pressure lets you pull through damp spots. Available in narrow transport models of 25 feet and 31 feet up to large five-frame 86 feet models.


Maxim II

The Morris Maxim II Air Drill raises the bar on hoe drill seeding accuracy and dependability. A patented frame coupling system assures the ultimate in frame flexibility and land following. Heavy packer tubing, improved wing lift geometry, and added hitch trussing on the larger units provide greater strength and reliability



The RAZR provides the latest in disc drill technology for better penetration and ground following while delivering positive closing and packing for excellent seed to soil contact.


Air Seeders


Concept 2000

The Concept 2000 features patented independent floating frames and one of the shortest frame depths in the industry to follow the ground for depth accuracy. Positive depth-control collars on the hydraulic cylinders allow you to make fine adjustments for precise seed placement.


Packer/Harrow Bars


Rangler III

The Rangler III is a wing-up packer harrow bar. Attach it behind your air seeding system to seed, pack and harrow at the same time. The Rangler III saves valuable time, labor and fuel during your seeding operation.


Field Pro

The Field Pro is ideal for spreading and breaking up residues on minimum and no-till operations. This tool also provides excellent granular chemical incorporation, seedbed preparation and functionality as a finishing harrow.



Bale Carriers

ProAG a brand of Morris Industries, transforms the way you pick and stack bales. ProAG bale handlers are designed for round or large square bales.










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