Air Carts

  Flexi-Coil offers two series of air carts – the 40 Series and 50 Series – designed for ease of use, safety, versatility and fast-filling and emptying. New-model 40 and 50 Series air carts feature upgraded ladders, platforms and railings, putting Flexi-Coil among the first equipment manufacturers to offer products that meet Australian Standard AS 1657 for safety.  



40 series

  Our 40 Series air carts bring you easy operation with convenient in-cab control. You can select tow-behind or tow-between and variable rate metering lets you set product rates from the tractor seat. The attached auger is easy to operate and allows one person to quickly fill or empty the air cart, while the stairway and platform provide easy access to the tank lids.  


2340 Air Carts

The 2340 model has a capacity of 230 bushels (8,105 litres) with tanks split 60/40 to carry two products separately. 40 Series air carts feature an optional wide stance front axle (for tow-behind carts) and tyres for flotation and stability in all terrains. This versatility makes it easy to match an air cart with your farming system. The standard rear wheel track is 3.05 m. An optional 3.05 m wheel track front axle for tow-behind air carts suits controlled traffic farming systems. The 203 mm auger option lets you load the 40 Series very quickly. Controls are conveniently located at both the top and bottom, with a rotary valve for varying auger speed. Balanced for easy one person operation, the auger also swings underneath the air cart for unloading. The stairway and platform provide safe, comfortable access to the tank lids for filling or inspection.  


50 series

Our 50 Series air carts are designed for growers who need large capacity and diverse metering capabilities. Like the 40 Series, they include FlexControl electronics and easy filling and emptying with a large capacity auger. Two or three integrated tanks let you apply several products separately, blend on-the-go, or use full capacity with a single product. You can control the airflow to each meter for fine-tuned product delivery. The 50 Series air cart is available with variable rate metering or mechanical drive. 2850, 3350, 3850 and 4350 Air Carts The 50 Series offers the ultimate in control and flexibility, with two and three tank options. The 2850 and 3350 air carts are both two-tank models, with total tank capacities of 280 bushels (10,103 litres) and 330 bushels (11,528 litres) respectively. The 3850 and 4350 models provide three integrated polyethylene tanks so you can choose to apply three different products at once – or apply two at once using two tanks for one product, or use the capacity of all three tanks to apply a single product. Three tanks means three times the options for applying seed, fertiliser or granular products in a single pass. The combined capacity of the three tanks is 380 bushels (13,390 litres) on the 3850 and 430 bushels (15,152 litres) on the 4350 air cart. A big auger for the big cart lets you fill faster than ever. The 50 Series is equipped with a 254 mm auger which has additional top controls and is balanced for fast, one-person operation.  


5850 Air Cart

With farm sizes increasing and seasonal labour hard to source, growers need highly productive and efficient seeders that are easy to perate. The new Flexi-Coil 5850 delivers. The three-tank, 20,439 litre capacity 5850 is built to maximise efficiency while taking ease of use to a whole new level. A remote controlled auger enables operators to quickly and easily position the auger from the top of the tank or from ground level, eliminating the need to manually move the auger into place so the job is quicker and simpler. The auger diameter is 25.4 cm (10 inches), which again speeds up filling. The 5850’s down draft metering system and air velocity sensors make setting air speed simple, ensuring accurate product metering for multiple products which may differ in size and density and require different air flow for different rates. Accuracy is maintained by an agitator bar that ensures a smooth product flow to the meter roller. Application rates can be set from the tractor cab with the FlexControl IV+ display with variable rate control functionality, further adding to the ease of use. With a GPS input, as applied rates can be logged for record keeping. The 5850 is a large quad wheeled cart with steerable front axle, on equal sized tyres for improved flotation and reduced ground pressure and comes equipped with a full staircase and a large working platform. The 5850 is a tow-behind cart with variable drive configuration and a steerable front axle designed for use with Flexi-Coil PD 5700 precision hoe drill or the 5500 air drill.




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